Design Phase

Good UX is about simplifying things, or removing extraneous detail to focus the user's attention, and to filter, focus, and teach by clarifying and sweeping away the extraneous stuff.

It's really important to first and foremost consider the overall strategy for the site in an effort to provide the user with a consistent user experience. Currency allows users to find what they need based on a familiarity with the site's content, navigation and information architecture. Therefore, carefully plan and document requirements for each project or related-task, which will be instrumental for conceptualizing, designing, creating and improving the overall web presentation.

In addition, some common documentation such as sketches, wireframes, task-flow diagrams, and design specifications influence intermediate and advanced deliverables such as storyboards, detailed mockups and even rapid prototyping. What's unique about this stage is that for most of the deliverables, the documentation is the design.

The design phase will help to turn ideas into an actual quality user experience delivering great concepts. The key is that documentation should help move the design forward. Simply put, it's all about making documentation complementary rather than supplementary to the design process.