My Story

Born and raised in the Motor City where the Mustang, Temptations and Red Wings ruled. I attended private schools and played football, baseball and hockey. The entire family was heavily involved in the Special Olympics because my brother loved to compete. In my early twenties the winters had become unbearable, so it was no surprise to anyone when Corinne and I decided to head south to the lone star state where my father was born and raised.

We moved to Dallas on what my dear mother-in-law described as a wing and a prayer, especially given that we had just eight–hundred dollars in our pockets, some personal belongings in the back seat, and no jobs, place to live, family or friends in the area. However, we nevertheless managed to overcome many obstacles to build a successful life together and forty-years later we're blessed with a terrific son, who plays hockey with the “old man”, a lovely home, good friends and Max, our beloved bichon.

Now, you ask, how did I get into web design? I started my career in the web space quite by chance. I've always had an artistic and creative side so when I was offered an opportunity by a former employer to design and build an Intranet for a client project I jumped at the opportunity. It was rather overwhelming at first requiring me to invest considerable time learning my new craft, but I quickly realized that I had a real passion for interface design. Later, it became apparent that learning the actual development side was equally important and would further compliment my growing skillset.

Hence, twenty-four years later I'm more of an enthusiast than ever because I was fortunate enough to find a career in the technology field that is constantly evolving, and that allows me to continually learn something new every day.

Hockey Photo
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
-Wayne Gretzky (NHL Leading Goal Scorer)
Max, family dog
Our Beloved Max (2005-2018)