Professional Work Experience

A results-driven Information Technology professional with nearly twenty-years of experience in the web space specializing in frontend design, development, and inbound digital marketing. In addition, I adapt readily to new technology and am very good at bridging the non-technical space between clients and developers.

A talent for translating business requirements into smart, effective and elegant user experiences. A creative, interactive and visual interface designer that prefers simple, clean, clutter-free designs. A highly-skilled ability to translate concepts into designs, convert designs into prototypes, and prototypes into production ready websites or apps using modern, open-source web frameworks. As a result, a veteran of design-to-development process dedicated to a clean, logical and efficient codebase.

Skills Overview
  • Expert understanding of W3C standards and its application in cross-browser support.
  • Extremely proficient hand-coding valid HTML5 semantic markup and CSS/Sass-driven layouts.
  • Strong working knowledge focused on mobile and responsive web design technologies.
  • Working knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery, which is good enough for prototyping purposes.
  • Strong working knowledge of web authoring, graphic, marketing and project management tools including:
    • Atom, Dreamweaver, Sketch, Hubspot, WordPress, Drupal, Notepad++, Coda, Eclipse, TopStyle, Basecamp, JIRA and Confluence.
  • Expert working knowledge of Firefox add-ons such as Firebug and Web Developers toolbar.
  • Expert working knowledge of Chrome's Developer Tools.
  • Extensive experience designing graphic mockups and rapid prototyping including:
    • Wireframes, sitemaps, interaction designs, task flows, flow charts and navigation models
  • Extensive experience in information architecture using card sorting tools such as OptimalSort.
  • Extensive experience in Accessibility and Usability testing.
  • Expert knowledge of search engine optimization, web analytics and metrics reporting.
    • Leveraging tools such as Google Analytics and HubSpot to ascertain visitor usage and trends
  • Strong working knowledge of designing and deploying HTML email newsletters.
  • Experience using SharePoint, Salesforce and various Content Management Systems.
  • Experience working with API platforms such as Janrain and Thinkmap.
  • Experience using Version Control Tools such as Visual Source Safe and SVN.
  • Experience collaborating with software engineers in .NET and Java Environments.
  • Expert working knowledge of both Macintosh and PC platforms.
Professional Experience

Freelance and Contract Work - Dallas, Texas (6/2003 to Present)

UI/UX Design Consultant

I've been laid-off five-times due to either acquisitions or budget constraints. Therefore, in an effort to supplement my income during these transitional periods I work as a freelance consultant, or contract with various IT staffing agencies for project work. I’ve been tasked with a number of responsibilities including web design, frontend development and product-driven, service-oriented Web based initiatives such as:

  • Currently engaged on a client project designing a website for a local martial arts studio.
  • Currently engaged on a client project redesigning DFW Gun's registration application.
  • Completed design projects with TDX and Chronotek creating interactive wireframes.
  • Engaged by Fonality to help redesign and reengineer their public-facing website.
  • Engaged by Mary Kay to convert PSD comps to HTML/CSS layouts for their consultant's Extranet..
  • Engaged by MarketNet as the lead UI developer to convert PSD comps to a functional site for SWACHA.
  • Tasked with troubleshooting and fixing functional defects on Fossil and Relic
  • Charged with converting and updating Fossil Germany's international site to mirror
  • Engaged by Prodea to design wireframes and mockups for their system's home operating system.
  • Engaged by Amdocs to design and develop an Intranet using HTML5 for their Product Delivery Group.
  • Engaged by BCBS to provide HTML/CSS support for their BAP, EPP and eSales Intranets.
  • Engaged by Verizon to test, identify and solved XHTML/CSS compatibility issues for multiple browsers.

Intelang – Richardson, Texas (7/2016 to 6/2017)

Senior UI/UX Frontend Designer (Contract)

Intelang was a software development company. Engaged as a UI/UX Designer charged with creating the application's interface and external client-facing website in an Agile environment. In addition, charged with managing their inbound digital marketing efforts.

  • This multidiscipline position required a technically savvy person that was equal parts: research analyst, information architect, interaction designer and visual designer.
  • Responsible for a product that had great volumes of data, frequent changes and required summarization and categorization with drill downs and expansions. The complexity and depth of the data required creative and innovative interactions for the users to understand what they were viewing and analyzing.
  • Tasked with designing and delivering a compelling, end-to-end user experience solution from assessing and defining customer needs, prioritizing features, delivering concepts, presenting and evaluating prototypes, to validating user experience feedback.
  • Followed accepted best practices including requirements gathering, user interviews, and usability tests.
  • Designed initial concepts, wireframes and mockups using Sketch in an effort to define the user interface.
  • Converted mockups and functional requirements into a working prototype using Bootstrap.
  • Worked and collaborated closely with Software Engineers, QA and Project Manager.
  • Used Git for version control and GitHub as our code collaboration platform.
  • Tasked with planning, designing and developing a modern, optimized and modular commercial website.
  • Developed site and navigation maps, page flows, comps, usage scenarios, wireframes and prototypes.
  • Charged with creating and implementing the company's digital inbound marketing plan and strategy.

Brojure – San Diego, California (3/2015 to 7/2016)

SEO and UX Consultant (Contract)

Brojure is a content creation software development company. I was offered an opportunity to join their marketing team on a contract basis to help redesign and reengineer their public-facing website and application.

  • Charged with improving the site and application's overall user experience, accessibility and performance.
  • Focused on browser compatibility, accessibility and various screen resolutions.
  • Tasked with improving SEO in an effort to leverage the site as the company's primary lead generation tool.
  • Tasked with managing analytics and metrics reporting.
  • Conduct regular project meetings to help facilitate and improve the overall project workflow.
  • Used GitHub for version control and implemented Basecamp as our project management tool.

AXIOM Sales Force Development – Richardson, Texas (5/2013 to 1/2014)

Senior UI/UX Frontend Developer

Charged with managing all web-based initiatives and maintaining the company's client-facing website. In addition, tasked as the lead project manager leveraging Confluence as our collaborative tool to effectively manage and organize all Web-based projects. Additionally, engaged as the UI/UX frontend web developer responsible for implementing cutting-edge technical solutions.

  • Charged with reengineering the client-facing website using HTML5, CSS, Media Queries, JavaScript, as well as, employing responsive web design technologies. Built for web standards the code base is clean, succinct, valid, semantically correct, easily maintainable and scalable. In addition, leveraged a more modern approach to site development by applying tools like static site generation and external API integration.
  • Collaborated closely with Janrain to develop and implement a social media widget by leveraging their user management platform to support our marketing efforts.
  • Charged with finding and re-skinning a responsive WordPress theme that required extensive coding in order to duplicate the same interface as our client-facing site. In addition, imported over a 130 posts from the former blogging software that required extensive cleanup. Also, installed a handful of plugins to provide metrics for our marketing team as an analytic tool to help drive leads.
  • Charged with creating UI designs/mockups for implementation by our developers tasked with customizing our Salesforce coaching application. In addition, tasked with developing custom pages for our “Contextual Training Center“ to provide continued training for our portal customers.
  • Also, responsible for coordinating efforts with our web hosting service provider to provision, configure and implement virtual servers to support our various product and web-based initiatives. In addition, managed our DNS records including adding new subdomains to help facilitate various marketing and development efforts.

Torchmark Corporation – McKinney, Texas (11/2012 to 5/2013)

Senior UI/UX Frontend Developer

Charged with managing all projects related to interface design and frontend development for our client facing Web sites.

  • Tasked as the lead front-end developer on three high-profile external client projects.
  • Charged with converting PSD files to HTML5 and CSS using responsive web design technologies.
  • Tasked with developing custom mobile style sheets for client sites enabling them to adapt to various device viewports.
  • Responsible for trouble shooting and fixing problems in client sites built in WordPress.
  • Charged with designing and creating HTML email blasts for agent webinars.

Electronic Data Systems (EDS) – Plano, Texas (10/2005 to 5/2009)

Senior Web Standards Developer

Charged with managing all projects related to interface design and Web standards technologies for our corporate Internet (client facing) and Intranet sites. In addition, tasked as the lead project manager, Web designer and XHTML/CSS developer on four high-profile internal and external client projects.

  • Led a highly-visible, time-sensitive Web-based initiative for an external client that resulted in EDS being named Technology Partner of the Year (PDF Icon, 57K) and included a requirements workshop, functional prototype, skillfully crafted user-centered interface and a well-structured information architecture.
  • Charged with re-designing and converting our internal travel site to an in-house content management system and migrated the site to a new server environment. The Web site was presented with a Webby Award for outstanding Intranet development.
  • Tasked with redesigning our recruiting organization’s external facing Web site focused on career opportunities at EDS. Extensive functionality was added enabling the user to conduct a well-defined search for employment opportunities on a global scale, which resulted in a 30% increase in site traffic.
  • Managed and built an online micro-site posting the roughly 500 agendas produced annually, and logistical information currently gathered for executive briefings, which provided EDS with the ability to create analytical reports and targeted surveys in an effort to improve the overall client experience.

Perot Systems – Plano, Texas (6/1996 to 6/2003)

Web Design Specialist

Served as a member of the graphics and multimedia design team tasked with defining and prioritizing Web initiatives, and taking a lead role in the front-end design, layout, composition, development and implementation of large scale Web presentations.

  • Designed, created and implemented the corporate training Intranet (PSU), which served as the companies primary medium for communicating and providing to the associate numerous technical and business related courses. This enabled associates to successfully complete corporate’s mandate requiring 40 hours of training annually, improved employee skill set development and provided significant cost savings.
  • Designed, created and implemented the internal communications Intranet, which served as corporate’s primary medium for communicating to the associate highly classified information about various business matters. This significantly reduced the amount of email traffic, and increased the associate’s level of awareness regarding Perot Systems’ financial status, key business deals and compelling associate stories on a weekly basis.
  • Designed, created and implemented an HTML email template used by corporate communications to advise associates of upcoming events in their surrounding communities that needed volunteers for charitable enterprises. This resulted in a higher percentage of associates volunteering their time for various and notable organizations (i.e. Habit for Humanity, Red Cross, Race for the Cure, etc.).
  • Played a key role in developing the HTML curriculum used in the Engineering Development Program (EDP). This particular program focused primarily on hiring military recruits and putting them through an intensive twelve-week boot camp comprised of numerous technical courses. This resulted in deploying hundreds of qualified technical resources on various projects and/or accounts utilizing their newly acquired array of technical skills.
  • Conducted more than 60 Web-based classes (i.e. HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash) in conjunction with training and development’s technical course offerings. This enabled each organization to enroll a team member charged with maintaining and managing their particular Intranet site to significantly enhance their authoring skills without having to rely on the Web services organization to update their sites.
  • Designed and created an animated banner advertising career opportunities at Perot Systems, which ran on several online job search Web sites, and garnished significant results.
  • Course Work - Lawrence Institute Technology, Southfield, Michigan
  • Humanities and Computer Science
  • Certified Adobe Dreamweaver Developer
  • HyCurve Course Completion: Information Media and Web Design
  • Certificate of Achievement: Successful Project Management
  • 2008 EDS Webby Award: Best Web site - infoCentre Global
  • 2008 EDS Webby Award: Favorite EDS Web site - EDS Travel